Key Concierge Property Setup

Provide AirLobby with your rental property information.

Deliver keys to AirLobby for each property you want us to manage.

Enjoy the ease of hands-free property rentals!

AirLobby isn’t just the place where you can have your guests store their heavy luggage items before check-in or after checkout. With AirLobby you can also store your keys and fobs in a safe location and have the personal touch from our concierge perform a verified handoff like you would at a hotel.

We will verify your guest’s names and that they know where they are going before asking them to sign out the key for their stay. They can then conveniently and easily return the key back to AirLobby ready for the next guest. This can be a helpful service even when storing a backup key to compliment your “Just-in-case” strategy.

Once you have signed up, we will get in touch to confirm your property information, collect keys, and get started making your life easier!

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